Claire Milbrath. This has been making me giggle all day.


I still have drafts in the dead one. One is an old photo of me smoking, which I mean to delete. (Every time I see photos of people smoking I crave a cigarette. It makes quitting hard.) The rest are text posts. I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. I’ve also forgotten what my dashboard looks like… I’m surprised when I see certain Tumblrs on it as I’d forgotten that I followed them at one point. Someone sent me a message saying that they emailed me, but they must have sent a long time ago as they mailed my old email address that was hacked and then locked (Wrong term?) by Gmail for security reasons. I replied telling them this but they never got back to me. Ghost message.

Aya Takano, On a night when we all slept over (2006)
Pen and watercolour on paper, frame 

Aya Takano, A night of forbidden desires (2006)
Pen and watercolour on paper, frame

Julian Landini

She looks exactly like a girl I know! It’s rather uncanny.